For use with SF Spring Series

Auxiliary load cells for use with the SF series spring testing frames are available in several capacities depending on the frame model. Lower capacity cells extend the range of the machine and increase the functionality of the SF Series test frame. 

The load cells are built to withstand off center load application while still providing reliable measuring results. When used with the Prolog 8802 electronics, provision is made for both electrical and mechanical load limits. 

The lower capacity cells are usually attached to the main load cell using supplied adapters.

Principle Of Operation

All load cells convert the applied force to an electrical signal that is representative of the force applied to the specimen. When it is necessary to test smaller springs, low capacity cells can be added to increase the operating range of the machine (except when an EMSY system is used). 

If the maximum applied force to the specimen under test is well below the capacity of the frame, adding a low range cell will increase the available resolution of the force measuring transducer. This in turn allows for a lower calibrated reading.

Application Range

  • Can increase resolution for testing small springs 
  • Extend the range of the testing frame 
  • Operate in tension, compression or alternating load stress
Item Name Capacity Upper Fitting Cat #
Load Cell Adapter - SF1240 5kN to 10kN Low Range Cell Capacity 10 kN 2250 lbf M16x2 mRH W-5536-C
Load Cell Adapter - SF1240 5N to 2kN Low Range Cell Capacities 2 kN 450 lbf M10x1.5 mRH W-5536-B
Load Cell Adapter - SF1390 50 kN Low Range Cell Capacity 50 kN 11,250 lbf M33x2 mRH W-5536-F
Load Cell Adapter - SF1390 5kN, 10kN, 25kN Low Range Cell Capacities 25 kN 5500 lbf M16x2 mRH W-5536-E
Load Cell Adapter - SF1390 5N to 2kN Low Range Cell Capacities 2 kN 450 lbf M10x1.5 mRH W-5536-D